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RowLA would not exist without the generous support of donors like you!

As Los Angeles’ only all-girls rowing team, RowLA is committed to providing an equitable experience to all our student-athletes.

Here are the ways your contribution can help our programs survive and grow:

Support our Scholarship Fund:

In order to ensure our mission of equitable access, RowLA gives scholarships to girls whose families would not be able to pay for their training, Your donation to the scholarship fund allows Los Angeles girls to realize their potential as talented student athletes.

Support our Equipment Fund:

RowLA athletes learn to take incredible care of our equipment, however, maintenance and replacement costs are inevitable. Your donation ensures our athletes have access to ergs, boats, and other necessities of the sport.

Support our Travel Fund:

RowLA athletes show up at regattas as a team, with every girl receiving equal funding from the organization. Unlike other travel teams, RowLA athletes do not incur costs for regatta travel and competition, which we consider necessary for their development and recruitment success.

Support our General Program Fund:

From tuition to coaching salaries to transportation to uniforms, everything the team needs depends on the generosity of supporters like you! Thanks a lot!

To pay by check, or to discuss a substantive individual or corporate donation, including estate planning, please contact Jean Huber at

To pay by Zelle, use: RowLA,


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